A coworker and I once joked about self-named web domains, and yet here I am, marking my territory. Maybe it’s just so people don’t take me for a baseball player with the same name. Anyhow, this is the home page of Bart Leahy, self-employed technical writer of Heroic Technical Writing. Welcome to my world!

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The Stuff

Today’s free-verse experiment in…something. The Stuff Ah, yes, you remember the Stuff and miss it fondly on occasion.Day coming, day going, there was a liquid for the moment.The socializer, the bravery fuel, the red ritual accompaniment, the bubbly social lubricant (not like that, ya perv!), the perfect tart, acidic white to go with food, or … Continue reading The Stuff

Why I Read and Write Science Fiction

Yesterday, I detailed my struggles with creative writing. And yet throughout the ongoing war with bad writing and my doubts relating thereto, science fiction (SF) has always been there as a sort of talisman, something to read and reinforcing my love of future- and technology-minded literature, both as something to read and something to write. … Continue reading Why I Read and Write Science Fiction

A Narrative About Storytelling

I spent part of the weekend engaged in analyzing my creative writing journey. What has yours been like? Strangely, mine has gotten more difficult as I’ve gotten older. My Writing History My family has home movie footage of me reading a book when I was less than two years old. Given my hypothyroidism, which was … Continue reading A Narrative About Storytelling

Where is Technology Taking Us?

At 6 a.m., my brain suddenly decided it wanted to write. More to the point, it wanted to discuss the future: which directions might we go, and where we were likely headed. I waited until I’d showered and had breakfast to do something about it because I don’t like writing on an empty stomach. That … Continue reading Where is Technology Taking Us?

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