A coworker and I once joked about self-named web domains, and yet here I am, marking my territory. Maybe it’s just so people don’t take me for a baseball player with the same name. Anyhow, this is the home page of Bart Leahy, self-employed technical writer of Heroic Technical Writing. Welcome to my world!

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Fiction Experiment: Garga Seeks Treasure

In an effort to get some practice, experience, and confidence with my fiction writing, I purchased A Year of Creative Writing Prompts. Below is one of my attempts from today’s assignments. They provide a five-minute exercise, a mid-day exercise, and a dinner time exercise. I decided to kick these out all at once, just to … Continue reading Fiction Experiment: Garga Seeks Treasure

Poetry Interlude: Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt It starts placidly enough: A couple ice crystals of thought bumping into each other like random atoms, inconveniently colliding as they make their way purposefully through the universe. The collisions create energy, though. The atoms collide with others, inconveniencing their fellows up and down the cloud. The ice itself grows thicker, building higher, billowing into … Continue reading Poetry Interlude: Thunderbolt

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