A coworker and I once joked about self-named web domains, and yet here I am, marking my territory. Maybe it’s just so people don’t take me for a baseball player with the same name. Anyhow, this is the home page of Bart Leahy, self-employed technical writer of Heroic Technical Writing. Welcome to my world!

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Writer’s block sucks. It’s unfathomable to the non-writer and demoralizing for the writer. After all, you write because you love it, right? So what happens when that love of the work turns into something else or gets wrapped up in other feelings? A whole lot of nothing. I’m in the midst of a four-year run … Continue reading Blocked

Expectations: Fiction vs. Real Life

I take my fiction experiences–whether they’re written, on a stage, or on a screen–very seriously. An interaction on Twitter this morning made me consider some of the ways my feelings toward fiction manifest themselves. Here was the Twitter exchange I had this morning: I didn’t appreciate having my attitude toward villains described as “simple minded” … Continue reading Expectations: Fiction vs. Real Life

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