How to Find Me

I’m everywhere. Egad, it’s like kudzu or Kanye West. Here are the various places where I make myself known on the internet.

My professional blog about the business of technical writing is called Heroic Technical Writing.




I’m no longer active at Science Cheerleader, but that is where my icon as a gopher began. My first event job for the SciCheers was as a “go-fer” and bodyguard (thus the machine gun):



I also support the following organizations as a freelancer in varying capacities:
Precision Dynamics International

8 thoughts on “How to Find Me

  1. 👋🏼 HI! I am excited to go for a walk with you and learn all about what a tech writer’s life is really like!

    Although, I must preface, I am not in my early or mid-twenties, nor did a tech writing professor’s suggestion send me your way… Also, I didn’t luck out and happen to find you mid-snack transaction in your orange and yellow star wars shirt… but perhaps you’d likely get a kick out of the rainbow tie-dye dress and bright yellow chucks I’m sporting.

    I know for a fact I wouldn’t have any sort of courage or ability to take a breath nor take a plunge and actually make vocal words at you in the physical realm…. So instead, I did a Google search and found my way here after reading the first page of chapter one in the book you authored!

    Technically, I’m Mo.. But I prefer being Kali ^_^
    I am really excited to read this book!
    (which means I gotta put the phone down and summon the will to actually post this message….

    Here goes nothing…

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      1. Thank you for replying and for authoring such a wonderful volume of words! I made it to the end of the book this morning and thoroughly enjoyed the journey from start to finish! I absolutely adored the tone of your writing, the examples, and all of the anecdotes. In addition, I found a sense of validation after learning that I am already incorporating many of the best practices, tips & tricks, and advice offered up by an active and experienced industry professional!

        I was determined to see it all the way through at least once and now that I’ve accomplished that, I am certain it will get plucked off the bookshelf at least once or thrice to reference when needed. I do not have any other questions regarding technical writing at the moment, but I am always excited to click around and explore new resources so I will certainly be dumping a number of hours into wandering around your blog as days go by.

        Mayhaps when next I make it out to Orlando for a Universal trip I’ll bring my copy and see about getting an official signature 😀

        Happy Friday, I hope you have a lovely weekend, and thanks again for all the insight!!

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