How to Find Me

I’m everywhere. Egad, it’s like kudzu or Kanye West. Here are the various places where I make myself known on the internet.

My professional blog about the business of technical writing is called Heroic Technical Writing.




Science Cheerleader, where my icon is a gopher because my first event job for the SciCheers was as a “go-fer” and bodyguard (thus the machine gun):


ScribbleSpaceLOGOI’m a member and backup worker of ScribbleSpace, a coworking space in Windermere, FL:

zero_point-logoI am still a consultant for Zero Point Frontiers Corp. in Huntsville, AL.

I also support the following organizations as a freelancer in varying capacities:

Precision Dynamics International

Spaceflight Insider Logo
Spaceflight Insider

Tauri Group Logo
The Tauri Group

SFF Logo_Galaxy_Large






The Space Frontier Foundation



The National Space Society Book Review Page








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