The Most Interesting Space Geek in the WorldSo yeah, I’m a freelance technical writer, space geek, internet chatterbox, and in-person introvert. This personal page is for whatever I darn well feel like sharing with the internet. It could be humor, it could be pictures of airplanes or architecture, it could be shameless attempts to sell you something. Regardless, it will be as “real” as an online persona can be. Thanks for visiting.

Some other useful bits of trivia for you…

In the Myers-Briggs world, I’m considered an INFJ.

On the Gallup Strengths Finder 2.0 Survey, my professional strengths are:

  • Strategic
  • Learner
  • Activator
  • Individualization
  • Achiever

On the DISC profile, I tend to I/S.

The primary books on my bookshelves, in order of quantity, are science fiction, history, philosophy, politics, and space technology.

I’ve lived in Lombard and DeKalb, IL; Orlando, FL (twice); Alexandria, VA; and Huntsville, AL.

And no, I don’t believe in astrology, so you’ll just have to guess my “sign.”

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I approve of your choice of reading materials…for the most part. I’m more into psychology and conservation biology (though I don’t understand the math in the latter subject) than science fiction and space technology, but to each their own! There are so many wonderful topics in this world to learn about, that no one person can possibly absorb them all!

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