Hoping to add more color to this page. For grins, here are images of architecture that I like. I would like to live in a future where people build, work, and live in aesthetically pleasing buildings. I’d like to think that’s not too much to ask, but then I’ve seen many places acquire cancer of the strip mall. So here’s to beautiful buildings, bridges, and structures! The future should look cool.

frank-lloyd-wright-6 Frank Lloyd Wright Ellis Island fran-gehry-marques_de_riscal_winery___designed_by_frank_ghery Fountain and Seashore ??????????? fallingwater-1 Entertainment Grotto Encased Tree Earthship Earthship Interior Earthship 2 Coruscant Coruscant Night Contrast Concert Hall Clean Lines citylayout_big Architect: Santiago Calatrava, Valencia Bungalows bicentennial31 betta_house_stone_planter_rea Beach House Beach House 2 atmosphere-emitter ArizonaStateCapitol Arcosanti-Rendering-Paolo-Soleri arcosanti-5000-master-plan Arco-5000w architecture_valencia_future_modern Alternative LAX Angular Interior Adobe and Wood