What is Your Personal Brand?

I created this blog (and its tagline) half in jest, half with a serious purpose. The jest is that I don’t take myself too seriously on some things. The serious purpose is that if I want or need to improve my “brand” on the internet, I need to be clear about what that brand is. So in addition to sharing some of various interests in science fiction or cool architecture, I’ll try to use this space to explain who I am, on and off duty.

Today I attended a lunch-and-learn presented by Mary Recchia Brown over at ScribbleSpace in Windermere, FL. The subject of that session was–wait for it–branding.

The point of the discussion was to get us (a room of half a dozen or so small-business entrepreneurs) thinking about our customers, the services we provide them, and what’s in it for them to employ us. Why should they hire me, for example, instead of the other writer in the room, Laura Schaefer? A lot of it has to do with whom our ideal customer would be. Other considerations would include the sorts of problems we are best able to solve and what “end game” our ideal customers hope to achieve by solving them.

Lots to think about. If you’re a professional colleague and follow this blog or Heroic Technical Writing, I would appreciate your feedback (via email to bart_leahy{at}hotmail dot com or other).

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