Fiction Experiment: Wanted Poster

Tonight’s fiction prompt for sharing:

Write a WANTED ad for a serial cat burglar who is, in fact, a cat.

REWARD: $2,500

WANTED ALIVE: Grey Striped Cat, Answers (Occasionally) to Beaker

This cat has been seen stealing scientific equipment from labs at the University of Washington (UW). No one has been able to catch him or is quite certain what heโ€™s up to. However, to date, he has managed to steal the following:

  • Wind tunnel parts
  • Aeronautics textbooks
  • Small cache of triethylborane(TEB) and JP-7
  • Plans to a YF-12 (an older-model SR-71 Blackbird)
  • Titanium ingots

My best guess is that he is planning to build a cat-scale supersonic aircraft for uncertain purposes. If you catch Beaker in the act of stealing more stuff, call me and attempt to catch him, if possible. He must be captured before he either builds an aircraft or attempts to fly it.

POC: M, 253-555-CATS


I know, I’m in serious need of therapy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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