Taking Action for a Better Future Later

I’ve never understood folks who say you can’t plan for the future because the future is beyond our control. While the latter statement might be true, that doesn’t mean you can’t take actions to make the future better.

Recent example in this writer’s experience: I make and stick to a savings plans to bolster my ever-receding retirement, covering a vacation, or paying down debt. I’m a planner. Two years ago, I made plans to get myself debt free by summer or 2020. I’m actually ahead of schedule because I retired that debt this week. I wanted that debt gone, so here I am: in okay shape all things considered.

I have no control over the virus, either, or how long our various governments will keep us sequestered; however, I can make plans to do constructive things with myself and come out of this situation better than I went in.

Bottom line: you can take action in the present to make your future better. It’s worth doing.

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